Our Way to success. advance. progress.

VOLTiFiC explores emerging technologies, tests innovative ideas, and uncovers ways to solve complex battery problems.

We are a leader in battery application design and data analytics. Whether you develop batteries, design systems that require batteries, own or maintain batteries, or simply curious, you can use our platform to gain unimaginable amount of information and insight.

Our Mission

We believe that battery technology is critical in accelerating sustainable energy future; we are on a mission to improve compliance, design, selection, maintenance, sales and marketing of batteries.

Our journey started by tackling the largest and most critical applications, because we believe it will have the greatest impact. Whether it's through small utilization gains in design and selection, or efficient and improved battery management, it can amount to enormous cost savings and carbon footprint reduction.

Our Values

We face our challenges with optimism; we believe that hard challenges are meant to be taken head on!

We are committed to our customer's success; we are relentless in enhancing the value proposition for our customers and users.

We conduct ourselves in a highly professional and ethical manner. We depend on the relationships.

We value diversity of people and thought. We care about the consequences of our decisions, large and small, on those around us.

We have, and we understand that trust and doing things right are the cornerstone of our present and future success.


We combine statistics, problem solving and programming in ingenious ways to find patterns and new insights into battery systems design and management.